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Music Performer Certificate Program

By Grace School of Music
of Bethesda University


The GSM is helping kids to adults reach musical life success!  Located in Anaheim, CA

Music Lessons for all ages and levels (Certificate, BA, and MA)

Music Performer Certificate Program is part of Grace School of Music. Grace School of Music of Bethesda University boasts a number of world-famous faculty members who are active professionals in their respective fields. All of our classes and curriculums are designed in a very practical manner to provide as much real-world experiences to the students as possible. All the students have access to our newly designed recording studio, MIDI computer labs, and remodeled practice rooms. All of our ensemble classes feature professional accompanists to help out during the class, which has tremendous experience and benefits for the students.
Master classes with world-renowned musicians are held regularly as well.


730 N. Euclid Street,

Anaheim, CA 92801



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