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Mission for the Music Performer Certificate

Our mission of Music Performer Certificate is to provide quality music classes and lessons that teach basic musical instrument techniques and theories from a professional musician.

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Goals for the Music Performer Certificate

The goal of the program is
● To be the professional music performer by learning basic music instruments techniques and theories.
● To create an innovative learning environment so that children and older adults from all
● To get practical training for the musical instrumental techniques and theories by group and private.
● To develop the ability to attain the essential knowledge, skills in music and pursue learning simply for the joy of learning and engagement in university setting.

Learning Objectives for the Music Performer Certificate

At the end of each major course, students will be able to
● Demonstrate their musical instrumental technique with fluency and accuracy.
● Demonstrate the ability to realize a variety of musical styles.
● Demonstrate technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression at a level appropriate for
the particular music concentration.
● Demonstrate an understanding of musical forms, processes and structures and the ability to
place music in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts.


* If you complete the certificate course and enroll in a bachelor's or master's program, the credits
earned in the certificate course can be recognized as is.


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